Nod & Rose Storehouse


1220 Spruce St. Boulder CO 80302, One block north of Pearl Street off Broadway


We are a husband and wife (and baby) team, operating a men's and women's classic yet contemporary clothing boutique in downtown Boulder, CO. Call it hipster, americana, funky, Brooklyn meets Portland meets Austin but we just think of it as effortless style.  We promote a lifestyle of hanging with great friends, seeing and/or playing live music as often as possible and reaping all the sweet benefits of this quiet yet cosmopolitan mountain town.  We shop local, eat healthy and stay active.  Above all else we love our 1 and half year old daughter London and can't wait to meet our son, due on August 16th!!!

We are NOT pretentious.  We do NOT believe that fashion is important in the big scheme of things, but we do believe that style improves your life and makes you feel better.  We are NOT into self importance and would rather help our customers create their iconic self from the inside out.  If this sounds like no other clothing store you've been in, you're right.  We are a downtown boutique with a down home feel that pulls style from East to West. 

Nod, Elizabeth and London at 8 months old. 

Our Style Philosophy

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Coordination is a thing of the past. High and lows, chic and cheap; the more variables the better. Take risks, be confident, and learn to love the way you dress.
— Elizabeth Rose
Continue to evolve, stay relevant and communicate your ideal self from the inside out. I love a classic but rugged look with a modern, body specific fit.
— Nod Norkus

Click for More Pics of the Storehouse!

Click for More Pics of the Storehouse!